Installed the MEG PS1 Stabilizer Bars on my 2020 Prius Prime Limited.

Install at my Dealer took less than 30 minutes.

Performance greatly improved in cornering/curves & body feels stiffer in a good way.

MEG Team are very responsive & shipping to US is included in price. 



Thank you guys , I've install this PS1 , for about 3 weeks now , i'm amazed how smooth on all kinds of turns , I've been having so much fun with this upgrade. 



So just recently picked up a 2016 Prius 4 trim as a commuter. Most of my coworkers have disowned me now. lol.. Anyways I wanted together a better and stiffer ride for the car. I do have a true sports car that is a beast and I know it won't feel like that. I did though want better handling and stability for the car. Well saw a post on Prius chat about someone that did a write up on it. So just in and got the bars. Wow have to say I love the feel of the ride now. The Meg bars help the car stay flat in the turns and very little body roll. I think for the money paid and for what you get its worth every penny. I would recommend. 



I love my Prius Prime. It has become my most driven car. 

It was missing something! It has plenty of needed inner city acceleration by felt quite sloppy in handling for what I am accustomed to. 

While surfing for sway bars I found MEG body braces in line and decided to give them a run. I needed flatter cornering and they made sense. I loved the attention to detail even though they were unseen.  I put them on and immediately noticed the difference on my morning freeway entrance right hand sweeper. 

I couldn’t wait to turn a little more and test them out. The work the best when I am fully committed to a turn. They work very well when taking a turn drift style. I love the product and would highly recommend a set for an improved driving experience!



I had the stabilizers installed last week when my 2017 Prius Prime was in the shop for some minor body work. I had driven another Prius Prime with the stabilizers installed and noticed a difference. They are now on my Prime. Cornering is more confident and the car now feels more stable and connected. The Prime is a great car to begin with and these stabilizers kick it up a notch further. 



I experienced the difference of before and after using the MEG upgrade parts on my Prius 4 of 2017 version.

Simply to say that it really can improve driving stability when you make turns. If you are a car enthusiast, you should not miss it.

My car's mileage is close to 24,000 miles after using MEG, it works very well.